Autoclave Composite Specifications

  • Interior Diameter – 4400mm
  • Work Length – 15000mm
  • Working pressure – 1.5MPa
  • Working temperature – 400
  • Material – SA516Gr70/SA266GrB
  • Insulation– Interior Insulation
High quality, safety, easily operation, control and longer serve life are primary design and fabrication considerations. All our industrial autoclaves are integrated as a seamless system by the powerful controlling system with interactive screens and multilevel security.
As the professional pressure vessel and autoclave composite manufactures, we have innovative, high quality composite autoclave for sale. We are also manufacturing finest quality industrial autoclavestorage tank and dished head products and solutions to worldwide customer. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions   like Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and the United States etc. Welcome to visit our factory.