Torispherical ends (also called torispherical head end) is widely used tank 
heads for you to fabricate pressure vessels to storage liquid and gasses. 
The torispherical head consists of a spherical surface, a cylindrical edge of a 
certain height, and a transition section connecting the above two parts with 
a radius of curvature smaller than the radius of the sphere. We can fabricate 
torispherical ends in most popular sizes and thicknesses.
On March 24th, 2017, Our customer from Malaysia came to visited STRENGTH 
pressure vessel factory and ordered 500 sets of stainless steel torispherical 
Stainless Steel Torispherical head was Exported to Malaysia

Torispherical Ends Specifications

  • Diameter: 324mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Height: 45mm
  • Material : stainless steel 304
  • Quantity: 500 pieces
Our factory is equipped with 1000 tons, 4000 tons, 5000 tons and 10000 tons of 
dished head hydraulic pressing machine. And also we have 3000mm and 7500mm 
diameter’s dished head spinning machine. Diameter 8000*3000mm temperature 
control heat treatment furnace. After we introduced the different machines, he 
praised our production capacity, and he was ready to order 500 pieces of stainless 
steel tank heads and cone head products.After 30 days’ manufacturing period, 
we have delivered all the stainless steel tank heads and cone head products to 
Kelang Port and now all the tank heads is using in his daily industrial production.

Stainless Steel Torispherical Ends were Shipped to Malaysia
Stainless Steel Torispherical heads were Exported to Malaysia

STRENGTH Equipments is the professional dished heads manufacturers who had 
been dedicated in supplying industrial autoclaves, storage tanks and tank heads 
products and solutions to worldwide customer over 20 years. We can produce up 
to 8,000 mm diameter asme torispherical dish end depending upon thickness of 
material and wall thickness up to 30 mm depending upon material and diameter. 
Custom forms and dimensions are also available. Welcome all the friends from all 
over the world come for a visit of dished head factory and cooperate in near future.